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About Elsa Jin

Elsa Jin, a fine jewelry artist and designer, has exhibited works at the Florence Biennale (2019), Biennale Paris (2021) and COUTURE Las Vegas (2021 and 2022), and has been presented by Figaro, Harper's Bazaar, Beaux-Arts and Connaissances des Arts.


Works of Elsa, Heavenly Colors (Colors of Heaven), is a tribute to Dunhuang that was awarded the Gold Medal for “Jewelry Design” at the 12th Florence Biennale.


Her series LIFE won first prize for “Best in Debuting” and third for “Best in Haute Couture” at the COUTURE 2021 Design Awards, USA.


Another piece, of LIFE, was awarded first prize for “Best in Haute Couture” and second for “People’s Choice” at the COUTURE 2022 Design Awards, USA.


Her series LIFE was inspired by our times, a celebration of life, notwithstanding pandemic and pain, which she describes as four brooches capturing today’s suffering, protection, struggle and freedom.

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